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Kemijärvi International Woodsculpting Symposium

Wood Sculpting Symbosium in Kemijärvi since 1985

The purpose of Woodsculpting Association in Kemijärvi is to promote the means of sculpting, International exhibitions, education and cultural travelling. To achieve this goal it arranges various events concerning sculpting and takes an interest in publication.  

During the last twenty years, there have been 19 Symposiums with over 285 participants from 54 different countries. The sculptors are selected based on their applications, to get the widest possible international range and standard. The artists originate from very different civilisations, which ensures that different cultures interact and show a diversity of technique and style.  

The Woodsculpting Week in Kemijärvi has a high international profile; there are always more applicants than can be received. Finland and Kemijärvi represent the North to international artists, which is an inspiring source of creation. The materials for carving are Nordic pine and other materials as metal, glass, stone, fluids and different mixtures of these.   

The Woodsculpting Association in Kemijärvi possess a very extensive collection of sculptures. The International Art Centre Puustelli, which houses selected sculptures from the beginning of the Symposiums, is open from 10.6. until 31.7.2014. Some of the sculptures have been placed outside Puustelli and others around the town.  

In the exhibition there is a wide collection sculptures from 19 previous Woodsculpting Symposiums. For groups the exhibition is open throughout the year by agreement. The Association can also arrange exhibitions in other towns and communities.

Kemijärvi town, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, local and national communities and companies have supported Woodsculpting Symposium in Kemijärvi.

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Kemijärvi Woodsculpting Association
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